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Company info:

Welcome to Goldoak cleaning services


My name is Leighton and i run and own Goldoak cleaning services, based in Swansea, i am pictured below and am personally responsible for the cleaning from any of my services offered. In 2007 i found myself short on money and no real direction on the job front. My dad told me to build a little window cleaning business and see how things worked out, i had nothing to lose and i quite liked the idea of cleaning windows

Within 6 months of hard work building the round, Goldoak was born, not looking back ever since the business has gone from strength to strength with many of happy repeat customers. In 2009 we invested in the first reach and wash system for the business (window cleaning machine) quickly out growing the size of the machine in 2011 we invested in a larger system, double the amount of the first. Business was booming from here on in and it was time for a new van, the biggest we could get. The cleaning machine again needed to be bigger as we took on more work. We invested in the biggest machine on the market and are currently worked to the max over 5 days cleaning windows and gutters.


Window cleaners Swansea

To the right is our window cleaning machine.

A 1000lt Thermo pure twin RO pro 6 Phase 2 by Ionic Systems. The market leaders

Window cleaning Mumbles
Image description

The Gutter Vacuum

Capable of clearing gutters at height, 64 feet to be pricise, all safely from the ground

Image description

Gutter cleaning in Swansea using the SkyVac, our most powerfull  gutter vac yet