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Awkward gutters and PVC can be tricky to clean at the best of times. Here at Goldoak we use the gutter vacuum machine, which in short, is a strong hover with various size pipes put together to reach over to clear gutters in order for the rain to flow away correctly. Stopping damp and costly repairs to your home or building. Eelectricity is required from the home we are cleaning. We can reach a maximum height of 57ft/6th floor. We offer this services to both the domestic and commercial markets. Prices start at £22.50 per run of gutter.


Like the awkward gutter cleaning, cleaning gutters at height can again be tricky, when clearing with a Cherry Picker it can cost several hundred pounds. We rule that option out with our gutter vacuum machine, which not only complies with Health And Safety but will save you money also. Cleaning gutters at height has never been easier or safer, again with the both markets taking advantage of this service, its clear to see why. Prices start at £50.00 per run. The level of which we determin cleaning at height is 3rd floor or above.


Pure water window cleaning done with the Reach And Wash System is now the way most cleaning firms clean windows and PVC. Its safe and can make light work of even the most demanding  jobs. In short. Tanks in the van which hold water would have been pre filtered with various filters, which take out the waters natural minerals and salts leaving it in a pure state. This when brushed onto glass will dry spot free and streak free, combined with the scrubbing motion and the pure water rinsing at the same time, your windows will be left very clean indeed. We can clean windows and PVC to the 6th floor or 60ft. Widely accepted and growing fast, pure water window cleaning is by far the next best thing. Choose from 2,4,6,8, or 10 weekly windows cleans. Join our rounds for great offers. Prices start at £8.50


Deep pile carpet cleaning using high-end heat exchange machines. Leaving your carpets fresh and smelling great We clean carpets, small rugs and commercial size rooms. We advise a 3 hour drying time and offer a range of pleasant after sales spray to keep the carpets fresh. Prices start at £25.00 per carpet.(size depending)

Render cleaning for your home/buildings exterior can play a vital role in keeping up the appearance and pro longing the surface. K-render is hot off the press at the moment with all the new houses going up, we clean at least once a week, so if yours is looking green or discolored give us a call today. Not all K-render cleaning requires a Jet-Wash so dont be put off. Prices start at £45.00

Traditional window cleaning is mainly for low-level windows. Shop fronts and ground level windows are always cleaned this way by Goldoak. Any inside work can be cleaned this way or for high-level internal glass we have a special interior hand held cleaning machine. We do offer a full ladder and cloth finsih style of window cleaning, this however is more costly as it requires more time. What ever your needs we will go the extra mile to please. Prices start at £8.50


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Jet -Washing

Our cleaning machines will make light work of even the most demanding surfaces. We clean things like patio slabs, walls, drive ways, brick/block paving, signs and shutters. We also have a flat surface cleaning maching called the Whirlaway. Have a look at the videos throughout the site to see how effective our cleaning really is. All of the work show in any of the videos has been completed by Goldoak cleaning services.

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All of our services are carried out to the highest of standards; we offer your money back, no quibbles if your not happy. Choose from deep pile carpet cleaning to the high level gutter or window cleaning, whichever you choose we know it’s going to be clean and shiny when we leave. You can email us direct or call us direct on 07891104494 with any query or information related questions



When it rains you should not get alarmed if we turn up and start cleaning the windows. Why? Even in the rain it is ok to clean windows, after all its not the rain that makes your windows dirty, its the air, trees, general pollution from vehicles etc., the rain just pushes the dirt around the glass. When we clean, using the pure water methods, your glass is left so clean that they will stay cleaner for longer. How? Because if your windows are cleaned by hand the traditional way using soapy water, a film is left on the glass from the soapy water and all that general pollution will stick to it allot quicker than if they was rinsed with pure water. So next time it rains rather than say "you must be mad cleaning in this weather" bearing in mind your the one handing money over when its raining, just savor the thought of cleaner windows and cleaner for longer. This is why here at Goldoak we offer you the option of bi monthly cleans because we know your windows are still clean when the more common 4 weeks has lapsed


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